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k1-10x series

Kwikwai's web interface displays and decodes CEC messages exchanged between devices on the HDMI bus, and it is also capable of sending messages on the bus. It's the perfect test and investigation tool.

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k1-09x series

With the same APIs as the k1-10x series, the k1-09x series is used as a bridge for deployment purposes. With it, your home automation system can control your HDMI devices by participating in the HDMI-CEC exchanges between them.

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custom projects

On the fly translator between STB and TV set. Digital signage monitors control.
We can develop according to your needs.
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Which model do I need ?

Easy. Both !

The k1-10x series monitors and decodes CEC and DDC frames via the web interface. It is mostly used by professionals as a test tool. And it also includes our support for your project developments around the tool.

With the k1-09x series, CEC and DDC are only available via the m2m interfaces (in raw format). The web interface is for settings only and there is no project support included. However the same APIs are supported as the ones for k1-10x.

k1-09x k1-10x
API Command Line Interface (CLI) check check
HTTP JSON check check
CEC messages read & send through CLI check check
through Web interface (with on-the-fly decoding) check check
EDID display through CLI check check
through Web interface (with on-the-fly decoding) check check
Support Standard through e-mail check check
Special projects, support for development (e.g. scripting, ...) check check

intro 2:47 introduction to kwikwai
web-interface 2:47 the web interface
cli 1:52 the command line interface

Interested in a demo ?

Check out our videos.

Our videos are made with our initial kwikwai version in its glorious red dress. However all the principles remains valid.